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WebForm Creator System


WebForm Creator System is a complex system consisting of three components which provide automation of the preparation and editing process during the collection of data through interactive Web forms.

WebForm Creator

Being one of the key elements of the WebForm Creator System, WebForm Creator is a small but powerful application that allows anyone to quickly and effortlessly create professional, Internet-ready survey forms.

  • Designed for everyone - Using WebForm Creator System anyone can design, in a very short time, a great-looking questionnaire without requiring any additional help. No coding required, no knowledge of HTML, CGI and databases to create Internet-enabled form for email and Web surveys.
  • Large number of question banks and templates - It is possible to use built-in standardized elements you can modify or use in your design of multilingual and multi alphabetical Web surveys.
  • Easy to deploy - With a one-button click to deploy your questionnaire, it's ready for live data collection.

WebForm Processor

WebForm Processor represents a server part of the system, which enables access, interpretation and filling out of Web forms, with maximal security and control during the process of collection, analysis and communication between the data and results.

  • Interprets surveys - It interprets published surveys and creates HTML forms with built-in JavaScript validation for each built-in question type, and navigation through the form
  • Memorizes pages - Each validated page is being automatically memorized in the database as a XML document
  • Partial fill out - It enables partial fill out of a survey, as well as the possibility to navigate through various sections of a form.

WebForm Administrator

WebForm Administration enables complete and complex administration of the data collection process through Web forms, which includes administration of participants and manipulation of collected data and forms.


WebForm Creator

  • Supports Win32 platforms, including MS Windows NT, XP, Win 2000 and WindowsMe
  • Familiar interface enables easy work
  • Multilingual and multi alphabetic support
  • Built-in browser for immediate preview of the form
  • Supports all type of questions, including:
    • Simple questions
      • Single choice questions
      • Text input
    • Complex questions
      • Group choose one
      • Group rated
      • Percentage
  • Data entry validation
  • Large number of templates and libraries
    • A huge set of frequently used surveys which can be used as templates, and modified if necessary
    • Libraries are collections of frequently used questions organized in categories, which can be used in all forms created by WebForm Creator
  • Unlimited number of questions and answers in a form
  • Interactive validation of a generated form in real regime of exploitation.

WebForm Administrator

  • Administration of the owner of the form or survey
  • E-mail administration of all participants


  • Existing forms overview
  • Forms modification
  • Defines terms for forms availability
  • Survey activation and closing
  • Export completed forms in CSV and other formats


  • Creation and overview of survey participants
  • Import/export of participants§ Updating data about participants
  • E-mail notifications


  • Assigning rights to participants
  • Monitoring the process of data entry.

WebForm Processor

  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Web-based interface to manage and control your server from any browser
  • Supports major industry-standard databases, such as MySQL, DB2, Oracle
  • One WebForm Processor supports many users, and unlimited number of surveys and participants
  • Provides authorized access to administration of all surveys, as well as all participants in the public survey system
  • Ability to prevent repeat survey submissions by the same participant
  • Stores completed surveys for further editing in appropriate format
  • Enables navigation through various sections of a form
  • Input fields validation
  • Takes care about entering required fields
  • Enables sending of a confirmation about the completed survey, as well as printing (in PDF format) of a completed survey.


WebForm Creator System is designed on the most contemporary technologies. The system uses widely accepted and proved XML and XSLT technology, both on client and server side. Client has been realized in C++ programming language, and server in J2EE technology.




  • MS Windows workstation with Windows NT, XP, Win 2000 and WindowsMe
  • Pentium II, 400MHz, 64MB RAM


  • Linux OS server, RedHad or SuSE
  • IBM WebSphere application server 5.0 or TomCat AS 3.24
  • MySQL, DB2, Oracle.


For a demo of the application or additional materials and pricing please contact our sales department at 416-767-1663 or via e-mail at sales@qficient.com.