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Universal Test Wizard


UTW is a general purpose application for defining and executing test plans and procedures based on a predefined set of requirements and testing standards. This testing platform enables testers to achieve coverage of complex test cases which involve multiple test scenarios and test outcomes. Universal Test Wizard addresses the following challenges:

  • Simplifies the definition and management of test cases based on complex business requirements
  • Promotes reusability of test case scenarios
  • Promotes traceability by maintaining direct links from test case scenarios to business requirements and issue log documents
  • Provides reports of test case results enabling a quick way to visualize the overall state of the test case
  • Allows import of existing test case templates from Excel and CSV files

Universal Test Wizard consist of multiple components which are designed to address the needs of specific roles in your organization. UTW components can be combined in ways which best suit your organization. When implementing your testing tracking solution you can choose from the following:

  • UTW Author allows test case designers to implement procedures based on business requirements according to your company's standards, best practices and hands-on experience.
  • UTW Tester  helps testers execute test plans in a methodical and repeatable way, while allowing them to systematically record results, quickly refer to original requirements, and add annotations for each test case so as to ease troubleshooting efforts.
  • UTW Report Tool helps test team managers get a valuable overview of the test progress, results, areas of failure and overall test case status.
  • UTW Team Portal Test Plan and Test procedure document management portal with the following features:
    • enables the sharing of test cases across the testing team so as to promote visibility and reuse
    • provides archiving of test team documents
    • offers a library of templates and test procedures
    • status tracking of test case execution across the whole team
    • sophisticated management reports showing team activities, test results by testers, by time/period, by test location, by projects, etc.
    • architecture based on WebServices and Smart UTW client
    • supported platforms include Windows and Linux


UTW Suites

Qficient has bundled Universal Test Wizard components into the Professional Suite and the Enterprise Suite for licensing purposes. Please review the comparison chart for further details on these packages.

  Enterprise Studio Professional Studio
UTW Author

UTW Tester

UTW Report Tool

UTW Team Site



UTW Services

Qficient offers a wide variety of professional services in order to ensure end-user satisfaction and return on investment in their UTW installation. These services include:

  • Deployment planning services
  • Proof-of-concept test plan implementations
  • Software customizations to fit your organization needs
  • UTW training services

Additionally, the UTW Enterprise Suite features a workgroup environment for sharing test procedures and test results within a team.


For a demo of the application or additional materials and pricing please contact our sales department at 416-767-1663 or via e-mail at sales@qficient.com.