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SkillSet - QC

QC is the first in a suite of products based on Qficient's SkillSet foundation. The SkillSet platform is a software foundation that introduces skills management to the notion of business process management (BPM).

Developed with our partner in Europe, the QC product is designed as a service your architecture that makes workflow routing decisions for quality control steps based on the skill level of the person who performed the work. The QC service can be published as a standard Web Service in the client's architecture and can therefore be consumed directly by the workflow engine or used in conjunction with a rules engine.


The benefit of the QC product is that, for those processes that require Quality Control review (and they number many in the financial services industry), the work that requires quality assurance is more intelligently managed based on the skill-level of the individual who performed that process, combined with intuitive rules that are preset by the business analyst when defining skill parameters.

For example, in order to address true audit needs, an enterprise requires "skills based routing" to determine the next participant in a workflow or the need for quality control of their work. A skill is a property of an individual - and although it is related to the role that the user is performing - it is actually an independent metric reflective of knowledge and aptitude.

Intelligent Routing Decisions

The SkillSet QC product provides tooling that not only allows the system to make intelligent decisions based on a particular user's actual skill level for a particular task, it further delivers an entire skill-management utility that allows for the workflow to feedback the results of the audit back into the skill engine to adjust the user's skill level based on the outcome of the audit.

The rules used to assign, manage and report the skills are intuitive and business-friendly and offer a myriad of pre-defined distributions for audit purposes (linear, standard distribution, free-form etc.).

Additionally, once the skill tooling is introduced into the process, the enterprise is immediately afforded benefits in terms of tracking the performance of the users on an ongoing basis which can be utilized for various management metrics such as setting goals for performance reviews.


For a demo of the application or additional materials and pricing please contact our sales department at 416-767-1663 or via e-mail at sales@qficient.com.