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Business Process Management, or BPM, enables companies to better achieve their strategic goals by providing a means to design, automate and analyze processes while managing the content that is consumed and/or created by them. Additionally BPM systems provide the ability to constantly monitor the health of the enterprise and simulate possible changes to the process in order to meet the ongoing business challenges.

Qficient's products provide extensions to such BPM systems that are targeted at specific areas of the process, such as people skills or form management. Our solutions are standards-based and can integrate in your e-business application with little or no effort.


We offer a range of services to help you get on track with your BPMS implementation including the following:

  • Help you understand what BPM means for your organization
  • Help you identify and document your main processes and key performance indicators
  • Assist you in identifying and prioritizing candidate processes for initial BPMS implementation
  • Manage your RFP process for selecting the right BPMS
  • Manage your vendor selection process
  • Perform System Integration

Additionally Qficient provides a range of consulting services to assist you in implementing and taking the full advantage of our products. Please browse our product pages for specific services that we offer on each product.