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January 2012

Qficient at the Content Management Strategies/DITA North America
April 23-25, 2012
La Jolla, California

Content Management Strategies/DITA North America

Qficient will be at the Content Management Strategies/DITA North America (CIDM) conference in La Jolla, California, April 23-25, 2012. Qficient has partnered with its long time strategic customer CSI to present a snapshot of the ongoing DITA-Alfresco based "CourseWare" project.

Qficient and CSI will each present their own work related to DITA Content Management Systems for course authoring and publishing. Qficient’s presentation will focus on the technical aspect of the project, while CSI will present their business case for a DITA implementation in their learning management environment.

We encourage you to come and visit Qficient’s exhibitor booth.


Z- Aphrodite - E-learning CourseWare authoring and publishing based on open-source DITA and Alfresco


We have developed our own Z-Aphrodite architecture as an open source project that integrates Alfresco ECMS, ZK- direct RIA and DITA frameworks. These three, top of the line open source projects, form a foundation for the solution, which combines a robust professional-grade document repository with an advanced information architecture and rich AJAX UE.

Z-Aphrodite Welcome Page

Our Z- Aphrodite framework creates the next layer to be incorporated into the custom Content Enabled Applications, an example being the CSI CourseWare application. The Canadian Security Institute (CSI) provides training and credentials for the financial services industry, and is the educator of choice for regulatory authorities and financial institutions, both globally and in Canada.

The CourseWare system - is a content-enabled application for managing full cycle e-learning course development and delivery process. This ultimately produces a course package in the standard SCORM format, and other formats such as HTML, PDF, EPUB, and Kindle, which are intended to be integrated and played by an LMS system.

Z-Aphrodite Workspace

We have accomplished developing a complete end-to-end solution for e-learning authoring and publishing. Our next goal was then to combine three open-source frameworks, DITA, Alfresco, and ZK, into one affordable standalone Z-Aphrodite architecture. Ultimately, we were able to make DITA adoption simple, with a low cost price tag.

In this session we will present the high-level architecture of Z-Aphrodite framework. As well, discuss the main concepts associated with the design, and the strategic challenges that arose in the operative implementation of DITA CMS.

Z-Aphrodite Workspace


Presenter Bio

Dusan Veljkovic is the Chief Information Architect and Manager of the Technical Development Team at Qficient Inc. With over 30 years of experience, he has an extensive background in s/w engineering, business process, content management, web application development, and service oriented architecture. Dusan possess significant expertise in emerging technologies and standards like XML, Dita, and SCORM, etc. As a Content Solutions Strategist, Dusan has served clients in multiple industries, including IT, Industrial, Financial, Government, Education, and News Publishing.

Currently, Dusan has a leading role in the architecture and development of a customized DITA based ECMS solution for e-learning in content authoring and publishing. Dusan has served a term as an IT and E-government solution adviser to the Minister of Science and Technologies for the Republic of Serbia. He has B.Eng in Electronics and Computer Engineering.


Implementing DITA for Financial Training – a CSI Case Study


CSI provides credentials and training in the financial services industry, and is the educator of choice for regulatory authorities and financial institutions both in Canada and globally. Managing large content repositories of intellectual property is critical for an organization like CSI that helps financial professionals stay current in a highly regulated industry. CSI has partnered with its vendor, Qficient, adapting existing leading-edge products and technologies to leverage the power of the DITA Learning and Training Specialization to create online learning, textbooks, and classroom-based materials.

Z-Aphrodite Workspace

This presentation demonstrates CSI’s integrated approach to developing and deploying this environment in the real world of financial training.

The presentation topics include:

  • Business drivers – what choosing DITA means for growth, innovation, and strategic partnerships
  • Development strategy – how to plan and design the move from unstructured authoring to DITA-based content writing
  • Deployment strategy – how to handle the “now” and the “new”
  • Cultural changes – strategic opportunities to innovate, collaborate and create with the customer in mind
Z-Aphrodite Workspace


How will this presentation benefit the audience?

This presentation shares CSI’s experience in adopting DITA to transform our organization’s content environment. It will benefit audiences who are thinking about implementing DITA-based content management systems in their organizations and are interested in the challenges involved in planning and deployment, as well as the cultural implications for their organization.

November 30th, 2005.

Qficient Inc. welcomed as FileNet Service Provider

Costa Mesa, California - Qficient Inc. and FileNet Corporation enter into a Service Provider Agreement whereby Qficient becomes an official FileNet Service Provider. Under this agreement, FileNet can choose to utilize Qficient's proven resources on professional service engagements worldwide. Qficient looks forward to engaging with FileNet within this mutually beneficial relationship.


May 1st, 2005

Qficient Gets A New Look!

Toronto, Canada - EGS Consulting Inc. completes restructuring initiative and rebrands operating division Qficient Inc. EGS Consulting Inc. (EGS) has been providing software and professional services targeted at the BPM and ECM space since 1999. Historically, EGS has had great success in marketing their packaged product line under the Qficient brand. All other products and services have been delivered under the EGS name. EGS undertook the initiative to consolidate the Qficient and EGS brands under the Qficient property in 2004Q4 followed by the official launch of Qficient Inc. on May 1st, 2005. EGS will remain the parent company of the new organisation and there will be no impact to our clients other than the consolidation of the product lines.


November 2nd, 2004

A 2004 CIPA Winner!

For its exceptional and innovative application of Information Technology to solve real-world business problems and bring greater benefit to all its stakeholders, ING DIRECT Canada was awarded a 2004 Canadian Information Productivity Award of Excellence in the Customer Care category. Qficient (then EGS) played a significant role in this project as the key system integrator.

Read the full article on the CIPA website...


September 15th, 2004

Qficient Partners with Irvas

Toronto, Canada - Qficient has partnered with Irvas International d.o.o. in order to expand Qficient's software development division, and promote and sell Qficient business process management (BPM) services on the South-East European markets. Irvas International d.o.o. is a software development company based out of Nis, Serbia and Montenegro. Irvas is a provider of e-commerce and e-government solutions, and as such a major information technology player on the local market. They specialize in integrated application software development using UML and SSA technologies, and are experts in application development using J2EE and .NET.


October 19-22, 2003

EGS Presents at UserNet 2003

Qficient (EGS) and ING give a joint presentation on FileNet integration with unified customer service portal at this year's FileNet user conference. EGS and ING DIRECT will give a joint presentation at the FileNet user conference in October this year at Phoenix, Arizona. The presentation will discuss FileNet integration with the unified customer service portal at ING DIRECT. This work is nominated for the FileNet innovation award. FileNet's User Association - called UserNet - was launched in 1985 and it has 14,000 members that represent more than 3,800 companies. The UserNet annual conference spotlights how FileNet customers are using FileNet technology to make better decisions and gain a competitive edge. ING DIRECT is the operating name of ING Bank of Canada, a member of ING. It was started in 1997 and it currently has over 750,000 Canadian clients, and over $10 billion in total assets.


October 15, 2003

FileNet Innovation Awards Finalists

Qficient (EGS) and ING DIRECT have been chosen as finalists for the annual FileNet Innovation Awards in the category of Best Business Process Management Application Solution. FileNet Corporation has announced today the finalists for its annual FileNet Innovation Awards in three different categories: Best Mission-Critical Application Solution, Best Business Process Management Application Solution, and Best Enterprise Content Management Solution. Qficient Inc. and ING DIRECT have been selected as finalists in the category of Best Enterprise Content Management Solution. The other finalists in this category are Aon Risk Services and Con Edison. The FileNet Innovation Awards recognize FileNet customers who have designed and developed innovative software solutions using FileNet products. The awards will be presented at the annual FileNet UserNet Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, October 19-22, 2003. FileNet Corporation helps organizations make better decisions by managing the content and processes that drive their business. Since the Company s founding in 1982, 3,900 organizations, including 80 of the Fortune 100, have taken advantage of FileNet solutions for help in managing their mission-critical content and processes.